10 Reasons why HR is a must for your Company.

April 30, 2019




Your business needs policies and procedures so that everyone follows the same rules and knows what’s expected of them. King HR Services job is to work with management on drafting sick time, paid time off, and vacation policies. As the enforcer of workplace rules, it is our job to lay out the penalties for absenteeism, lateness, dress-code violations and ethics breaches. King HR Services also publishes the employee handbook and may require employees to state in writing that they read and understand it.


Hiring mistakes are costly for any businesses, so it’s our job to save your business money where we can while also keeping your business and your employees running efficiently. DeAnna King, owner and operator of King HR Services, has software and has a decade of experience in training on how to spot candidates who lie on resumes or inflate their qualifications. It’s our job to help you perform proper background checks to screen out undesirable candidates. We also help with what interview questions are illegal, including those related to age, religion and marital or family status; we help you layout the best questions to ask and how to ask them. This process is valuable to you as it saves your business money from having to fire someone later and rehire and train all because they lied about their qualifications, degrees, and past employment history.


Employees who are short-changed in their pay, not paid on time, or not paid for work completed can file a complaint with the National Labor Relations Board. Another role King HR Services helps for your business is we work with your payroll department making sure everything is done accordingly. This lessens an employer’s chances of running up against the NLRB, state and federal labor departments and the IRS. Employment mandates cover such issues as hourly wages, overtime, employee benefits deductions and payroll taxes which is also material that DeAnna King has been doing for businesses like yours for a decade.


Health care coverage, workers’ compensation, and retirement packages are big expenses for organizations, especially smaller businesses. King HR Services can help negotiate with benefits plan administrators and sponsors for the best prices. Benefits might also include employee assistance programs, disability insurance, health and wellness screenings and discount programs. One less thing for your business to worry about.


Most importantly, I make sure that your business complies with state and federal employment laws. These mandates cover family medical leave, sexual harassment, pay equity and discrimination based on race, gender, age, religion or disability. King HR Services provides your business guidance on complying with applicable laws. These laws change from year to year and from State to State. Your business needs some one reliable, great to work with, and someone who is certified and passionate about your business as much as you are.



Organizations must maintain a safe environment for workers. We can collaborate with security personnel to enact emergency evacuation plans and curb workplace violence. We can also track relevant Occupational Safety and Health Administration regulations, and help train employees on safe work practices while also preparing your company for safety audits.


DeAnna King with King HR Services, will also oversee layoffs and terminations. One goal is to minimize the company’s risk of being charged with unfair firing practices or committing layoff violations. Another goal is to ensure that exiting workers are treated with respect and dignity.


Employee productivity drives the demand for products and services. We create and hand out proper surveys to your employees to gauge their satisfaction at work. We also can conduct exit interviews with retiring or other departing workers to uncover practices that lower productivity.


Our job is to also mediate employee conflicts. This peace-keeping role prevents conflicts from lowering productivity, turning violent or making termination necessary. Your business running smoothly day to day will determine its continued success.


Organizations want employees to know what performance standards they’re expected to meet. Business heads look to HR to help set performance standards and administer formal appraisal procedures to fairly and objectively rate managers and staff.



As you see, there's a lot that your business can benefit from hiring an HR Professional. If you are interested in a free consultation or if you have any questions please feel free to contact us at (941) 518-9679. Nothing ever hurt from just talking to see what the possibilities hold. We look forward to the opportunity of possibly working with your business and we hope you choose us for all your HR needs. 




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