DeAnna King and King HR Services involvement in the community.

Businesses everywhere have the resources and reach to provide a major positive impact in their communities. Whether it’s by supporting a local charity, voluntarily teaching skills to others or sponsoring an event, participating in acts of giving back is of high importance to King HR Services.


As a child, my family was always involved in the community and expressed the importance of helping others. It taught me compassion and understanding, and how to advocate change on causes I felt passionate about.

During my college years, I volunteered at Elementary schools mentoring at risk students with core subjects such as math, science and reading comprehension. We held fundraisers to defray transportation costs and held community events to ensure they had back to back to school items.

While working at Paychex, I was a part of the social committee where we partnered with local nonprofits like Metropolitan ministries to provide food and clothing for the community.

Recently, King HR Services joined the Governance and Budget committee for Turning Points; a nonprofit organization in Manatee County, FL. Turning Points is a great organization that prevents and ends homelessness in the community. At King HR Services, we help to provide them with any resources they need. Turning Points provides services such as: showers, food, employment services, rental utility assistance, etc.

In March 2017, King HR Services was excited to join the Planning committee to commence the 2nd annual “ Walk a Mile in their Shoes” Charity Walk in Coquina Beach, FL. We raised thousands of dollars for children and their families to end homelessness. It was a great experience to provide activities, food and music to the community while making a difference.

King HR Services has also worked with the Youth Chamber Initiative group which is a program run in collaboration with the Manasota Chamber of Commerce. The mission is to inspire, motivate, prepare and empower. We hosted a community entrepreneur’s program where children were able to engage in an empowerment through entrepreneurship. The theme for the program was, “Past, Present and Future, where the youth learned about the successes and challenges of entrepreneurship through historical case studies and present day interactions with local business owners and community members associated with economic development. The kids were able to talk and interact with local black entrepreneurs that are in the medical, food, construction, real estate and technology industry.

It is always a rewarding experience to have business owners from the community to come to uplift and embrace and pass the torch to the next generation.

Community service is a part of my life and King HR Services will continue to serve and strengthen my community.

Keep checking back on this page to see further updates on what we do to help in our community. 

~DeAnna King

Owner & Operator of 

King HR Services