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King HR Services offers a wide range of services to fit a wide range of businesses. Whether you’re a small, local business or a bustling multinational, we can help you succeed! 
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King HR Services will design and deliver business processes that will improve individual and organizational performance with clear and concise business processes and procedures. King HR Services will exemplify the best practices that will benefit your organization by assisting to meet your strategic objective. We will work to find the right people with the right skills to give your company the competitive advantage. To accomplish this we will:

1. Keep abreast with Human Resource Laws

2. Ensure job descriptions align with compensation. 

    -Continuous updates to job descriptions

3. Storage Methods for Confidential Records

4. Strategies for Coaching and Disciplining employee



King HR Services will create and maintain employee reference manuals which can be offered as both digital and printer friendly. The handbooks are state specific, so King HR Services will ensure that policies and procedures align with the best practices and laws specific to your company's area. The handbooks will contain and reflect the latest federal and state workplace guidance, and King HR Services will minimize liability for your business by providing online handbook access to all of your employees.

Online Payroll


For small to medium size businesses, King HR Services is here to offer premium online payroll services at an affordable rate. Payroll and taxes are calculated, paid and filed on your behalf which allows you to focus more of your time on growing your business.

 You’ll be able to conveniently access your data on any electronic device, and you’ll have online access to company and employee reports, pay summaries and automatic direct deposit for your employees. 



At King HR Services, we make hiring the RIGHT employees easier than ever! We take care of all of your background needs with competitive pricing and custom-designed search packages so you can hire the very best employees for your business! Not to mention, everything is conducted online so there’s no need to leave the comfort of your home or business to work with us!

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"DeAnna King with King HR Services, has the natural ability to understand and analyze data to provide the very best practices through process and procedures. She is very attentive, and her attention to detail is beyond anyone else our business has ever worked with! We definitely would recommend all her services, and we will be using King HR Services in the many years to come."


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King HR Services will ensure that every company has the right people with the proper skills, that will align to their company’s needs giving them the competitive advantage. 

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